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Table of Contents
Section 1: Interview with David
Section 2: Supporter Recruitment
Section 3: Master of East Comeback!
Section 4: Clan War Report

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Interview with David

With the surprising announcement of David becoming the new owner of atWar we took our chance and interviewed him.

●Apocalypse: Welcome and thank you to be here! even if it is not really your first contact with atWar, besides could we know which pseudo had you during this month of "test"? If no, what is the meaning of your current name?
★fcd3: I don't really want to say the username I was using to test. When I log in as fcd3 everybody starts asking me questions, which I don't mind but it's nice just to enjoy the game also, so I hope to keep that my little secret for now.
★fcd3: fcd3 is a reference to Zork... Flood Control Dam #3
★fcd3: I think Zork is the best game ever created (except for atWar, of course)
●Apocalypse: Oh okay i see, so you will continue to play the game?
★fcd3: Yes, I'm currently playing 2 casual games with my other account
★fcd3: I know, it's against the rules to have more than 1 account. Sorry.
●Apocalypse: aha no problem you are the boss! And how do you feel now that you are owner, confident for the future?
★fcd3: I guess it's good to be the admin, I can't ban myself
●Apocalypse: True! About your company, are you alone or do you have a team, and more specifically, will you be alone working on atWar?
★fcd3: I'm excited to be the new owner. I think there is a lot of potential here. To be honest I was nervous investing in a game that has been declining, but I believe I can turn it around.
●Apocalypse: I understand yes
★fcd3: I have a small team. Currently I have 3 people on my staff who help me with other apps/software. With regard to atWar, it's just me right now. I would love to enlist the help of my staff eventually, but of course I have to pay them. Until atWar starts making a profit, it will have to be just
★fcd3: me for now
●Apocalypse: Interesting..! Besides, how many years has your company been?
★fcd3: since 2013. So 5 years. I started my company with nothing, and with a lot of hard work I've built up everything I have myself. I have no venture capital, I'm not independently wealthy, just a lot of hard work.
★fcd3: It's kind of funny, someone in the forums already has called me a "silicon valley investor". I think that's the first time anyone has called me that. I guess I'm moving up in the world
●Apocalypse: Impressive, so you are someone who knows what he does! Is this the first time you bought a game on the decline? If yes, have you rather failed or succeeded so far?
★fcd3: Actually this is my first time buying a game. I have bought a few other apps, mostly business-related software, and I've had some good success growing those. Hopefully it means I'm doing something right, but who knows, maybe it's just luck. I like a challenge though, so we'll see if I can repeat
★fcd3: success with atWar
●Apocalypse: Okay really good, it's probably not luck but we will see! How long will it take to revive the game according to you?
★fcd3: Well I know lots of people are excited right now, but I hope people will be patient because there's actually a lot of work to do here. I think it's going to take at least 1 year to really get things going again.
★fcd3: Of course if I'm wrong and it happens faster, nobody would be happier than I.
●Apocalypse: Yes, by the way, some people in the community are excited about the upcoming changes, but others are skeptical or afraid. What do you have to say to those who have doubts?
★fcd3: It's understandable, I would probably feel the same if I were in their shoes. All I can say is, I will do my best to preserve all that is good about atWar. I would like to see atWar make a profit, but that's not my main concern. The quality of the game, how fun it is, these will always be the
★fcd3: most important concerns I have
●Apocalypse: Glad to heard that! And As Ivan and Amok have said, it's been 10 years since the game's conception. If all goes well, where do you see atWar in 10 years? And you?
★fcd3: I feel pretty confident atWar will still be around 10 years from now. This kind of game is a special niche, but there are games I've been playing for more than 10 years and still enjoy, and I think atWar will be one of them. I think it would be great to have a mobile app version of atWar, and who
★fcd3: knows, 10 years from now maybe it will be on other platforms as well. I want to see it be successful so we can invest in things like that. As for myself, I think I will always be working doing what I love, but hopefully in 10 years I can afford to work just a little less hours than I do now.
★fcd3: sorry, long answer
●Apocalypse: Really interesting, yes we wish to you and atWar the best in any case
★fcd3: thanks

Supporter Recruitment!

After most supporters that were inactive got removed, our former team leader Wheelo also left the team since he didn't have enough time to focus on leading the supporters right now. We thank him and all of our former members for their dedication.
Which is why we have gaps in the supporter team, which need to be filled and that's why we need you!

Can you relate to these requirements?

  • At least rank 6 or higher.
  • A member of the community for half a year or more.
  • Basic English insight.

    How you can help us ?
    You can help us by creating content for atWar press, or by organizing tournaments, events, and Protocoin drops. Also by promoting atWar in social media, or similar communities.

    If you are in accordance with the requirements above, let us know if you are interested.
    PM one of the supporters to apply, then mods/supporters will vote on the applications, and you will be notified.

    Master of East Comeback!

    You might've noticed the scarcity of competitive tournaments this year. Inactivity of players and hosts have disabled many tournaments to continue. However, with the permission of Eagle, the organizer of the last Master of East and West tournaments, we (the supporters) are going to finish the 4th Master of West tourney as well as host the 5th master of east. The west tourney is almost completed, and the east tourney topic is online and ready for signups. -> click me <-

    Clan War Report

    Since last season, there's been a slight increase in the number of clan wars. Despite everything there has been a lot of movements of players between the different clans, we also have 2 new active clans, the revival of 'Aristokrats' and 'Illyria' which has become much less active this season. So here is a match between Mortal Kombat and Kangz SZN.


    Representing Mortal Kombat we have Eagle, W4R_MaChINE and Franz. Mortal Kombat is a powerful and ancient clan known to almost all, with time they lost some players and are now only 12, but they still won the first place in the last season and are 3rd in the current season. Eagle picked Turkey, W4R_MaChINE Spain and Franz Germany.

    Over to the Kangz SZN side now we have Nero, Kaska and Froyer. Kangz SZN is a recent coalition created one month ago by 4nic and is in second place of the season. Nero took the United Kingdom, Kaska France and Froyer Ukraine.

    TURN 2

    In the east, Froyer decided to stack Russia Central, Russia Northwest and Belarus aswell as successfully walling Poland and Hungary, this will slow Turkey in his progress. For his part Eagle captured Greece, stacked Serbia and Romania with his general. We are never too careful. In the west, W4R_MaChINE walled Bilbao and attacked Rome but with apprently not enought tanks or with another strategy than lucky bastard, Kaska rushed Italy too with all his troops and who as for him appears to be playing Lucky Bastard, hard blow for Spain who loses his general and all his army in the first round. On the other side, Nero took Benelux and Norway, but Franz had predicted the move to Norway and thus stuck Nero's units with his wall. Franz walled his cities so as to make a line to prevent a rush on his German cities and opts for a classic expansion. He goes for Czech, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia aswell as Sweden and let his general in Berlin to protect him.

    TURN 3

    This turn, not many changes, the players are almost staying on the defensive, except in the east, where Froyer took the previously walled countries and attacked Serbia to put pressure on Turkey who, for his part, exapanded in all the neutrals countries around. Eagle also played aggressively, indeed, he broke the kiev wall, letting Froyer's capital open, he also sent a good part of his army in Moldova and Odessa, who thus deprives him of its most important city, Ukraine could be rushed next turn. In the same time Eagle decide to latemove Rome but failed it only by 1 unit. In the west, Spain tried to block Kaska units with his wall to prevent him from returning to Italy, probably anticipating that Kaska would have rushed to his Spanish cities and that Eagle would take Rome successfully. But that is not what happened, Kaska preferred to take the northern Italian cities, to be able to come back to defend Paris later if needed, as well as Naples. Nero and Franz both tried to put wall in the north sea, who is a key passage for them, but as a result they mutually split each other and therefore failed. They also each broke their walls, Franz invaded Denmark who was neutral and Nero managed to capture Munich with Luxembourg's units aswell as Cologne.

    TURN 4

    In the following turn, probably fearing a rush from Eagle, Froyer defended Kiev with 28 units, holds up in the Balkans and continued to expand on neutrals. Turkey didn't make the most obvious move and go for the Ukrainian cities, while defending its ports, to be able to rush Ukraine next turn or defend ankara if its wall had been broken. As planned, Kaska defended his French and Paris cities, just in case, while he continues to take his Italian cities. Spain tried to form a big wall but got attacked by Nero causing him to lose Bilbao, another city and also fail his wall because of Nero's transport. Nero also continued to scrounge Franz's territory by taking another city and Denmark. Franz has decided to defend Hambourg and Berlin, so he will be able to rush London or Paris if he want next turn, since Paris wall failed, or just force them to defend it to slow them down and give time to Spain or retake his cities for example.

    TURN 5

    This is the moment of reinforcement and also a bad turn for Mortal Kombat, Eagle had just a minute to play his turn, maybe a connection problem or failed something and refreshed? In any case, whatever he tried to do it did not work and he lost his general. A bad turn for Franz too who rushed London but failed by only 2 units, it was risky but it could have worked, being anyway not in very good posture he had to try something. Nero and Froyer even had enough units to continue to take more land from Franz and neutrals aswell as Slovakia and Bosnia, respectivly. at this moment we can say that to exclude a miracle, the game is won by the Kangz SZN.


    Indeed, they left, the game is over... Good game everyone!

    As often, this turned out to be quite a fast paced Coalition War


    Interview with David Apocalypse
    Supporter Recruitment Sascha
    Master of East Comeback! Sascha
    Clan War Report: Apocalypse
    Formatting Sascha

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    Being now an almost casual player, I could be there to represent this part of the AtWar community.
    I could offer them events and tournaments, to give them a little more competitiveness and spice up their days and games.
    And become why not their spokesperson in this game.

    I would be very proud to be part of it and contribute to this game that I love a lot.
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    Apocalypse almost did it on his own it appears, gg to him

    And David i think u made a wise investment, this game really has an important growth potential if u proceed correctly. Good luck.
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    Well done
    ''People ask for criticism, but they only want praise.''
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    This dot is so fucking ugly who would like to become supporter with this shitty dot

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