Hello everyone!

I am the new addition to the Afterwind team. My function in the AW team is business development. In short terms this means that I will be working on promoting, guiding the line of the business, Business relaions etc. However my most important function will be to keep whipping Amok and Ivan to progress their developments!

At the moment I am finishing my graduate on CBS (Copenhagen business school). Before I joined AW I was part of a new project (WelfareDenmark) consisting of 5 Kinect programmers and 3 sales/business development guys. I was part of the 3 sales/business development guys. We started from scratch two years ago; the project turned out very well; a bigger company offered xx million dollars for the 60% of the firm.

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Terrible news, everybody. We have decided to delay the release of the Custom maps alpha by 5 days, until Oct. 15th. The reason is, the current version is way too raw, even for the alpha release. We need a few extra days to iron some things out and do at least minimal testing.

Sorry about this, it appears we were a bit too optimistic about the amount of time we needed

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The progress on custom maps is going full-speed, a lot of things are ready, but other still require some work. Along with the promised custom maps, we're also releasing Population casualties, revamped End game screen/stats, new lobby interface and some other minor goodies.

The release date for the limited public alpha is 10.10.2012 - in one month!

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Hey everyone, we've got some fantastic news for you!

Remember how you players always asked for custom maps and we always said "never; not possible!". Well, we changed our minds and decided to implement custom maps, whatever it takes. And a lot of time it will certainly take, so please don't ask for estimations - just trust us, we're working hard on it right now.

We cannot give you a lot of details, but there will definitely be an editor where you can upload your own map image and then draw country borders. You will be able to add all country and city data, and add your own units, fully customized. Scenarios will remain similar to what they are now, but will be able to be based on custom maps as well.

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Good new everybody! We have a new update for you, which implements some of the much-requested features. Here's the full list:

  • Peace on turn 1. All players now start in peace and automatically change to war on the next turn (unless new arrangements are made by the players). This also includes late-joiners, which can't attack and cannot be attacked on their first turn. This should prevent a lot of grief that comes from being instantly eliminated on turn 1 or being hit by a sneaky late-joiner. Of course, neutrals can still be attacked, so you can expand in other ways.

  • Skipping your turn in the country selection phase will now have consequences. Starting from the second timeout you will be losing 10% of the starting cash (each timeout). On the 5th timeout you're automatically kicked out. This should make starting games faster and prevent a situation where someone just sits there without selecting a country.

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    A long-awaited update for the turn-blocking mechanics:

  • Turn blocking now only works if you have more than 50% the amount of units of your opponent (whom you're trying to block). Blocking huge stacks with 1 unit will no longer work.

  • The chance of turn blocking is now determined by the difference in the amount of units between you and your opponent. Chance % = your units count / opponent units count. So, for example, 3 vs 10 will have a 30% chance to turn-block, 5 vs 10 - 50%, and so on. Max chance is fixed at 50%.

  • If the opponent has less than 4 units in the stack, turn-block will work exactly as before.

  • It's now possible to walk through all non-city units, unless they are part of a defence line. This was implemented to prevent an exploit.

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