It's now possible to block certain players from joining games you started and games based on your maps/scenarios. Apparently, there has been a lot of trolling, which is especially frustrating for scenarios that require a certain amount of players.

Additionally, website and game ignore lists have finally been merged, so ignoring a player on the website will work in the chat as well. Ignore/ban currently has to be done through the website, /ignore doesn't work anymore and the buttons have been removed from the player info.

You can manage your personal banlist in your profile (look for "Banlist" in the submenu).

Changing game settings during the game

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Thanks to the hard work of our volunteer translators, we have now added 5 new languages:
  • Czech
  • Finnish
  • Hindi
  • Romanian
  • Serbo-Croatian

    With the new website about 150 new phrases have been added - they need to be translated into all the languages we have. If you're rank 5+, fluent in another language and want to help, go here to contribute your translations. Cheers!

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    IMPORTANT: please clear your browser cache (Ctrl+F5) - otherwise the new website won't be displayed properly.

    After months of work and weeks of testing, the new HTML5 website is now live! Most of the things just got a modern facelift, but there are also a few cool new features to highlight:

  • The site now gracefully scales down to tablet and mobile resolutions.

  • Private messages got a complete revamp and now operate similarly to Facebook messaging.

  • It's now possible to create custom headers for user profiles and coalitions.

  • User profiles got a serious makeover, with tabs, more info and a dashboard (which will be expanded to include more useful stuff in the near future).

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    Hi everyone! As many of you know we're actively working on an HTML5 version of atWar, which will allow full integration with the website and be able to run on all platforms and devices equipped with a modern browser.

    Well, we're happy to announce that stage 1, the website, is pretty much ready and we're going to launch it very soon, after you guys test it a bit. Use this link to access the new website and feel free to roam around, doing your usual (and unusual) stuff.

    Most of what you will see is a simple layout update, but there are a few places that went through proper overhaul, like PM, coalition and user profiles (hey, check out the customized headers!).

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    Hi everyone!

    First of all, we would like to sincerely apologise to everyone for disrupting your gameplay during the past few weeks. We realise some of you even lost the hard-earned SP because of this, but we think we've have got some good news for you. As usual, the culprit was in the server. After trying all sorts of different things, we're quite optimistic about it, that the crashes should not happen anymore (fingers crossed!). In a way, that's all good news, as all these problems were caused by the ever increasing number of players that we get (over 750 in peak hours!). The huge amount of players certainly did put some strain on the server. So, thanks for being patient and not causing any riots, and we hope you enjoy the game! Some much more interesting news will follow shortly, so stay put!

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    Lately we haven't had much time to properly browse the forums and reply to people, so we decided to deal with all the lingering questions in one topic. As the title says, feel free to ask anything, including non game related stuff.

    Regarding the "when will this be implemented?" questions - we've halted the development of the current version and are fully concentrated on the HTML5 version. With our limited resources it will never be released otherwise.

    Regading the "when will the HTML5 version be released?" - the truth is, we don't know. There's much still left to be done and it's gonna be months before even alpha is released.

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    So, we haven't done anything special for either Christmas or the New year - for that, we apologize. Now, however, completely randomly and without any cause, we decided to unveil Superweek II (the sequel to the famous Superweek I), which features the following goodies:

  • You can get in-game SP Boosts for practically nothing (x1.3 for 1 PC, x1.5 for 2 PC and x2 for 3 PC). When playing, go to the Players menu -> SP Pool. Click a button there to activate the boost!

  • All subscriptions have solid discounts, from 33% to 50%. Full package has a 30% discount. Get them while you can!


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    Some of you may have already heard the rumours that we're planning to convert atWar to HTML5.
    Well, that is all not true... Just kidding, we've actually been quite busy for the past months doing just that (hence the infrequent updates!)
    So now, finally, everyone gets a chance to have a sneak peek at our progress. Let me introduce you: the atWar Map Viewer in HTML5! All the maps in player profiles are now clickable, as well as the 'Top maps' on the homepage.

    For example, World Map:

    The new map viewer was tested and should work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE (including on tablets and smartphones).
    Let us know what you think about it, especially in terms of performance (don't forget to mention your browser & device if you do).

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