Some of you may have already heard the rumours that we're planning to convert atWar to HTML5.
Well, that is all not true... Just kidding, we've actually been quite busy for the past months doing just that (hence the infrequent updates!)
So now, finally, everyone gets a chance to have a sneak peek at our progress. Let me introduce you: the atWar Map Viewer in HTML5! All the maps in player profiles are now clickable, as well as the 'Top maps' on the homepage.

For example, World Map:

The new map viewer was tested and should work in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE (including on tablets and smartphones).
Let us know what you think about it, especially in terms of performance (don't forget to mention your browser & device if you do).

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We went through a lot of topics on the forums and distilled out a few ideas that would be quick to implement. Here's what we've done so far:

1. Removed win/loss ratio from profiles and coalitions. Added 'games won' and 'games abandoned' (%). This should hopefully encourage people to play the game to the end or at least surrender. Note that people will still be leaving games no matter what penalties we come up with. Just focus on maps and scenarios that don't require every player to be present - then leaving won't be such a huge deal.

2. No surrender in solo games, only abandon. Solo games wouldn't add to 'games played' stat nor to the 'games abandoned' percentage in profiles. This would make farming a bit harder and allow map/scenario makers to test their creations without fearing for their stats.

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During the next few days, we'll be moving to a new server. We'll try everything we can to make it as smooth as possible, but please don't panic if you encounter some weird things around that time. At some point we'll also need to disable map and scenario editing to avoid any glitches. Sorry for the inconvenience, and bear with us, we'll keep you posted about the progress.

UPDATE: Server move is complete. It looks like everything went as expected. Thanks for your patience everyone!

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We've added some cool new features, check them out:

  • "Capture neutral country" victory condition is back, now works with custom maps and scenarios.

  • New advanced options for games: disable strategy and disable upgrades. This can be used for tournaments, for example.

  • Added the list of Moderators to the contacts menu.

  • Player status in the player info menu shows player's location in game, if the player is offline or AFK. AFK can also be set/unset by the /afk chat command.

  • Player's local time now shows in profiles (if the player has set it).

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    As proposed by TopHats, here are a few tweaks to the strategies:

    Relentless Attack:
    Removed -1 attack for Infantry (doesn't change now)

    -1 defence to all units (was -2).

    Master of Stealth:
    -40 cost for Marines (was -30)

    Great Combinator:
    Added -10 cost for Tanks
    Removed +1 attack and +1 defence for Tanks and Infantry
    Added +1 HP for Tanks and Infantry

    Translations for Great Combinator description had to be removed, since they've become incorrect.

    Full discussion is here

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    We've heard many requests for personalized signatures to use on other websites/forums. Today, we deliver! Here's are a couple of examples, my signature and TopHats' (which clearly shows how much atWar devs suck at their own game):

    The data is updated once an hour; the background image is loaded randomly (currently there are 4 different ones). In addition to having a cool signature, you will also get 1 SP for every person who sees it (AW forum won't count).

    Check out the links and codes on the front page or in your profiles.

    Feel the signature can be improved? Post your ideas here!

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