Map Review Competition

"Win Lifetime Premium! Review a map of your choice and post to social media!"

1. Prizes.
  • Best review wins Lifetime Premium & Medal.
  • Best foreign language review wins Lifetime Premium & Medal. Any language!
  • Bonus prize of 500 Protocoins for liking and sharing the Facebook advert for this competition!

2. Protocoins.
  • 250 Protocoins if submitted within the next 72 hours.
  • 100 Protocoins if submitted within by Monday at 9PM 18/01/16.
  • Like and Share 3 different Map Reviews on facebook (with Screenshot as Proof) for 40 Protocoins reward.
    Send Screenshot with proof of the shares in private message to Sun Tzu: Maximum of 1 reward per player.

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Happy 2016 everybody, from the entire atWar team!

Last year has been rather uneven for us and mostly occupied with hastily finishing the HTML5 version ahead of the Google-imposed deadline. We've been working on it for over two years (almost as long as the original development!) and it's been massively frustrating to spend so much time redoing things we've already done once. Well, now that it's mostly finished, we're thrilled to move on to new exciting things in 2016. Polishing the game, improving the mobile experience, sneaking into Steam, adding a tournament system, perhaps even game replays and who knows what else! The future looks bright.

Cheers everybody!

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Don't know about you people, but we think that it is completely unacceptable that, at the moment, we don't have a Wikipedia article for our awesome game!
Well, there actually is one, in Finnish: (link), which is unfortunately not very detailed, but kudos to whoever made an effort.
For starters, we are looking to create at least an article for the English wiki, with the basic overview of the game, its main features, gameplay, etc. Basically, something similar to this.
Obviously we would welcome other languages as well, so please feel free to contribute in any case. From our side, we promise to provide some generous rewards!

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So here's what we've been up to in the past month:

  • We've now got a completely new and revamped tutorial, along with videos, detailed descriptions and helpful indicators!
  • Map/scenario editors early preview is now available. Feel free to poke around, it's all there. Saving is disabled at the moment for the obvious reasons (don't want people ruining their hard work with it in case something goes wrong). Many things are still not working, so please refrain from logging any bugs for now. It's just there to give you a general idea of how things would look like.

Some very annoying bugs got fixed too:

  • Chat fails to load on non-English versions
  • Mouse wheel zoom and unit dragging not working for some
  • Games getting stuck at 'Loading map (6/7)'
  • Able to attack people after clicking declare war before the turn ends
  • Disable all diplomacy in FFA games (0 alliances)
  • People who levelled to rank 5 can no longer enter their ongoing Beginner games.
  • Not possible to host CWs on custom maps
  • Colour code chat channel name in chat selector

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We're doing AMA on Reddit tonight here.

EDIT: Sorry about the server downtime. We are under a heavy DDoS attack at the moment, please hold still.

EDIT2: The old server is now up and running too.

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Since the switch to HTML5 and even before that, there's been countless of threads criticising anything ranging from graphics and user interface to slowness and bugginess of the new version. So here is your chance to get yourself heard. Remember to be specific and to only post constructive and detailed criticism (with screenshots, when necessary), everything else will be removed. We genuinely appreciate your feedback and it would be fair to say that it is in everyone's interest to make this game better, so let's make it happen!

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  • What is atWar Silverlight (SL)?
    atWar Silverlight (or SL for short) is the original version of game, which is based on the Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in. This version had existed in one form or another for the past 5 years.

  • What is atWar HTML5?
    atWar HTML5 is the new version of the game that is completely plug-in independent and will work in any modern browser (including mobiles & tablets). It doesn't require any additional installs and works right away.

  • Why do we need to switch to atWar HTML5?
    As per above, since the old version relies on a proprietary browser plug-in, it is not future-proof. Google Chrome, for example, have already dropped support for Silverlight this September and even the new Microsoft browser, Edge, doesn't support it. Inevitably, other browsers will follow suit. Another reason is that Silverlight doesn't work on mobile devices.

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    Extremely important news, everyone!
    We have made a decision to decommision the Silverlight client on the 7th of October this year. This was a hard decision, but a truly necessary one. The main reason is that it is just not feasible for us to maintain both servers and clients in the long term. So we decided to fully concentrate and commit ourselves to polish the HTML5 version as much as possible in the following month. It is already perfectly playable and everyone is invited to try it out. In fact, it is in your own interest, since after the 7th of October, you won't be able start new games in the Silverlight client anymore. So please, please let us know of any breaking bugs that might affect the game experience for you! From our side, we'll do our best to address all the feedback.

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